What is Monitor? and Types of Monitors

By | August 22, 2020

In this article, we are going to know about monitor definition and types of the monitor like “LED LCD OLED” Curved Monitors and its features also. I think you are like this article about Computer Monitor and Laptop Monitor.

Monitors are the most widely used output devices. They are also known as display screens and these monitors present text and graphics images. This output is often known as soft copy. Monitors vary in size, shape, and cost. Although almost all have some basic or basic characteristics.




The most important feature of a monitor is its clarity. This clarity refers to the quality of the image being displayed and the pixel sharpness. It is a function of several monitor features including resolution, dot pitch, contrast amounts, size, and aspect ratio.

  • Resolution is one of his most important features. Images on a monitor are formed by a series of dots or pixels (picture elements).  The resolution is expressed as a matrix of these dots or pixels. For example, many monitors today have a resolution of 1920 pixels of columns and rows of 1080 pixels, making 2073600 pixels in total. The higher the resolution (more pixels) of a monitor, the higher the image produced.
  • DOT (pixels) pitch is the distance between each pixel. Most new meters have a dot pitch of 0.30 mm (30 / 100th of a millimeter) or more. The lower the dot pitch (the less distance between pixels), the clearer the image will be.
  • The contrast ratio indicates the ability of the monitor to display images. It compares the intensity of light in the order of bright white to mostly black. The higher the ratio. The better the monitor will be. 
  • The aspect ratio indicates a proportional relationship between the width and height of the monitor’s display. In general. This relationship is expressed by two numbers separated by a colon (B). Many old square monitors have an aspect ratio of 4: 3. Almost all new monitors have a 16: 9. Has an aspect ratio, which is designed to display widescreen content. Its ability Another important feature of the monitor is the acceptance of input by touch or gesture, such as finger movements including swipes, slides, and pinching. Where most older monitors do not accept touch input. At the same time, it is becoming a standard feature of the new monitor.

Flat-Panel Monitors



Flat-panel monitors are the most widely used type of monitors today. Compared to other types, they are thinner. And are portable and To operate them less power is required.

  • LED (light-emitting diode) monitors use similar technology with more advanced backlighting technology. They produce better quality buffalo, are more palatable, and are environmentally friendly as they require less electricity and use less toxic chemicals in their manufacture. Most new monitors are LED.
  • OLED (organic light-emitting diode) monitor of organic compound There is a thin layer that has replaced backlight technology. Which produces light. By removing the backlight, LED monitors can be even thinner with better power efficiency and contrast fibers.

Curved Monitors

One of the most recent developments in the invention of the cavern (curved) monitors. It uses the same technology as a flat panel monitor, except that it is a concave screen that provides better viewing angles near the edges of the screen. No monitor Co. for TV and gamers looking for a deeper experience Is being widely used for Curved Monitor is just visible in smartphones and wearable computers are engaged in smartphones, Curved Monitor screen option on the side of the phone surrounds provide optional display and button facilities. In smartwatches, a wanted screen facilitates a large display, which takes the shape of your wrist.

E-Book Readers



These books may be available from many sources such as on internet including many public and private libraries, bookstore websites etc. E-book readers (e-readers) are mobile devices for storing and displaying e-books and other electronic media, including electronic newspapers and magazines, the displays in e-book readers are usually 6 inches. And use a technology known as e-ink. Two well-known e-book readers include Amazon’s Kindle and Banns & Noble’s Nuke Simple Touch.

Tablets can also display e-books. Two famous traditional tablets include Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab included.

Other Monitors

There are many other types of monitors available here. Some are used for more specialized applications, such as for making presentations and for watching television.

Digital or interactive whiteboard A special display with a large display attached to a computer or projector There are tools. The computer desktop is displayed (visualised) on a digital whiteboard and controlled using a special pen, finger, or some other device. Digital whiteboards are widely used in classrooms and corporate boardrooms are used to.

Ultra High Definition Television (UHD TV) provides a much clearer and more detailed widescreen picture than regular High Definition television. Since its output is digital, the user has high quality

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