What is Graphics Design? And Video Game Design Software (Graphics Design Definition)

By | November 27, 2020

 In this post what is Graphics Design? And what is Video Game Design Software (Graphics Design Definition), What is Desktop Publishing Program ?, What is Image Editor ?, What is Illustration Program ?, What is Video Editor?, What is video game design software? What is a web authoring program ?, What is WYSIWYG ?, other specialized applications, etc. You will get to know more about other things through this post.

What is graphics design?

Graphics design are widely used by professionals in the graphic arts business. They make use of desktop publishing programs, image editing programs, illustration programs and video editors.

What is a desktop publishing program?

Desktop publishing programs or page layout programs allow you to mix text and graphics to create professional-quality publications. Whereas word processors are focused on text preparation and desktop publishers with the ability to mix text and graphics, focus on page design and layout and provide better flexible features.

Professional Graphic Artists use desktop publishing programs to create brochures, newsletters, newspapers and books, etc. Popular desktop publishing programs include: Adobe In Design and creating, Microsoft Publisher, and Quark Express. Where these programs allow to create text and graphics. Typically graphic artists import these items from other sources including ward processors, digital cameras, scanners, image editors, illustration programs and image galleries.

What is an image editor?

what is an image editor

Image editors, also called photo editors, are special types of graphics programs that are used to edit or modify digital photography. They are often used to remove scratches and other impurities from photographs. Photographs consist of thousands of dots or pixels, creating images that are called bitmaps or rest images. However, a drawback to bitmap images is that when enlarged, the image may be pixelated, or jagged at the edges.

Popular image editors include Adobe Photoshop, Coraptshop Pro, GIMP (JNU Image  Manipullo Program), and Windows Photo Gallery.

What is Illustration Programs?

Illustration programs are also called drawing programs, are used to create and edit vector images. Where a bitmap image uses pixels to display images, a vector image. Those also called vector illustrations use geometric shapes or objects that are created by adding lines and curves that do not have pixelated or ragged edges formed in bitmap images. Because these things can be determined by mathematical equations,

So they can be rapidly and easily recycled, textured and used efficiently. Image is a combination of many things. Illustration programs are primarily used for graphic design, page layout, and to create sharp artistic images. Popular illustration programs include Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Inkscape.

What is a video editor?

What is a video editorqq


Video Editors are used to edit video to improve the quality and appearance of videos. Video editors used by Bollywood professionals are now widely used to edit high quality videos that are used in smartphones and Others are made by use of devices. You can immediately add special effects, music tracks, titles, and on-screen graphics to them.

Until a few years ago video editors were used only by professionals with expensive specialized hardware and software. Now, there are many free or cheap editors available that are designed to help novice videography. Three well-known video editors include Video Live Movie Maker, Apple Eye Movie and YouTube Video Editor.

What is video game design software?

What is video game design software

Have you ever thought about designing video games? While initially it may seem unrealistic to create interesting 3D worlds like Skyrim or BioShock, you can create some impressive games yourself through the right software. Considering the duration and theme of the game, the first step in thinking about preparing the game.

The second step is to select the right video game design software. Video game design software will help you organize your ideas and guide you to the game design process including developing characters and designing the environment. There are many options to choose from, from free software to very expensive software for professional game designers. Some popular free or cheap video game design software are: Yoyo Game Monkey, Stencil Flixel, and Unity

What is a web authoring program?

There are more than one million websites on the Internet and many new websites join it every day. Companies use the web to reach new customers and promote their products. Individuals write online diarrhea or commentaries called blogs. Creating a site is called web authoring. Almost all websites have related webpages. As we mentioned in Chapter 2, web pages are often HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (cascading stylesheets) documents.

With knowledge of HTML and a simple text editor idea you can create web pages. Even without knowledge of HTML, you can create simple web pages using Microsoft-like Bird Processing Package. More specialized and powerful programs, called web authoring programs, are commonly used to create commercial sites submitted by professionals.

Web page editors and HTML editors also provide support for feeder programs for website design and HTML coding. Some web authoring programs are:

What is WYSIWYG?

WYSIWYG editors, meaning that you can create web pages directly without working on HTML code. WYSIWYG editors show previews of pages written by HTML. Extensive Use Outgoing web authoring programs include Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web.

Other Specialized Applications

There are many specialized applications, including accounting applications, personal finance and project management applications. Accounting applications such as Intuit QuickBooks allow companies to record and report on their financial functioning. Personal financial applications such as Quicken Starter Edition help individuals test their personal finances and investments. Project management software such as Microsoft Project is widely used in businesses to coordinate and plan complex projects.

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