what is an operating system, working of operating system, features of operating system, categories of operating system, Windows Server

What Is An Operating System And It’s Features

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What Is An Operating System?

An Operating system is a combination of programs that handle many of the technical details associated with using a computer. In many ways, the operating system is the most important part of a computer program. Without a working operating system, your computer will become unusable.

Working  Of Operating System

what is an operating system, working of operating system, features of operating system, categories of operating system, Windows Server
working of operating system

Each computer has an operating system and each operating system performs a variety of tasks.These tasks can be categorized into three groups.

  • Controlling the resources The operating system coordinates all the computer’s resources including memory, processing, storage, and equipment such as printers and monitors. It monitors system performance, schedules tasks, provides security, and starts the computer
  • Providing User Interface The operating system allows users to interact with application programs and computer hardware through a user interface.Basically, the operating system uses a character-based interface in which the user communicates with the operating system via written commands such as: “Copy A: report.txtC:”. Nowadays, most operating systems use a graphical user interface (GUI) ) As we explained in Chapter 3. The graphical user interface uses graphical elements such as icons and windows. A new feature is voice recognition, which is available with many operating systems.This allows users to interact with voice commands.
  • Running applications: Operating systems load and work applications such as word processors and spreadsheets. Most operating systems support multitasking or allow the ability to switch between individual applications stored in memory. Multitasking allows you to run Word and Excel at the same time and easily switch between two applications.The program you are currently working on has been described as running in the foreground. Other programs are not happening in the background.

Features Of Operating System

what is an operating system, working of operating system, features of operating system, categories of operating system, Windows Server
features of operating system

Starting or restarting a computer is known as booting the system. There are two (techniques) ways to boot a computer: warm boot and cold boot. Warm boot happens when the computer is already turned on and you restart it without turning off the power.

Starting an off computer is called cold boot. Usually you interact with the operating system through a graphical user interface. A space is found in the sky called a desktop that gives access to computer resources .

Some important features that are common to most operating systems and application programs include:

Icon – Graphic representation of a program, file type, or function.

Pointer- Controlled in the mouse, trackpad, or touch screen, the shape of the pointer changes, depending on what its current location is. For example, the printer can be used to select items such as icons when there is an arrow-like shape.

windows-Square fields for displaying information and running programs.

Menus-Provides a list of options or commands that can be selected.

Tabs-Splits menus into main activity areas such as formats and page layouts.

Dialog box — usually provides information or requests input.

 Help-operating system provides online support for functions and procedures.

Gesture Control- Ability to control operations from finger movements such as swiping, sliding and pinching the system.

Most offices have filing cabinets in which special documents are kept in folders. Similarly, most operating systems also save data and programs in the arrangement of files and folders. Files are used to save data and programs. The associated files are saved in a folder and may contain other folders or subfolders inside one folder for company purposes.

For example, you can organize your electronic files in a document folder on your hard disk. This folder may also contain other folders, each of which has a name for its content. A folder may be named “Computer Class” and may contain all the files you have created (or are created for) this course.

Categories Of Operating System

what is an operating system, working of operating system, features of operating system, categories of operating system, Windows Server
categories of operating system

Although there are many different operating systems, they are basically three categories: embedded, stand-alone and network.

  • Embedded operating systems, also called real-time operating systems and RTOS, are saved (ie embedded) entirely within a device. They control smartwatches, smartphones, video game systems,Washing machines,Air conditioner and thousands of other small electronic devices.Embedded operating systems built specifically for a particular application are extremely important for the development of IT because many devices used daily can communicate with each other, such as the chapter. Has been reported. for example. Watch OS was developed by Apple specifically for Apple Watch, and Pebble OS has been developed by Pebble Technology specifically for Pebble smartwatches.
  • Stand-alone operating system, also known as a desktop operating system, controls a single desktop or laptop computer. These operating systems are found on the computer’s hard disk. Always desktop computers and laptops are part of a network. In these cases, desktop operating systems work together with networks to share and coordinate resources.
  • Network Operating System (NOS)Is used to control and coordinate computers that are connected to the network or to each other. Many networks are small and only a limited number of personal computers are connected to it. Other networks such as colleges and universities are very large and complex. These networks may include other smaller networks, and they typically connect a wide variety of different computers.

Network operating systems are usually located on the hard disk of a single connected computer. This is called a network server, this computer supports all communication between other computers. Popular network operating systems are Linux, Windows Server,Os and Unix.Operating systems are also often called software environments or software platforms. Almost all application programs are designed to run on a particular platform.

For example, Apple’s iMovie software is designed to run on the Mac OS environment. Although many applications have different versions, each version is designed to run on a particular platform. For example, a version of Microsoft Office is designed to run on Windows. The second version is designed to run on Mac OS.

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