What is Internet And Web,Difference Between Internet And Web

By | August 21, 2020

What Is Internet And When It Was Started First?

“Internet” was started in the year 1969 when the United States invested in a project to develop a national computer network called the Advanced Research Project Agency Network (ARPANET)]. Network. That connects small networks around the world.

What Is Web And When It Was Started First?


The web is also known as the name of the World Wide Web or www. Launched in 1991, before the Web, the Internet contained all text — no graphics, animations, sounds, or videos.

The web has made it possible to incorporate these elements. It provides a multimedia interface and interlink for the resources available on the Internet.

The first generation of the web(www), is known as Web 1.0. The emphasis was on adding existing information. In this generation, search programs, such as Google search, were designed to provide links to websites containing specific words or phrases. In the year 2001.

The second generation, Web 2.0, was developed to create more dynamic content and support social relationships.

Facebook is one of the most well-known Web 2.0 applications. Web 3.0 is the current generation. It focuses on applications that automatically create personalized content for users. For example, Google Now uses data from the web (eg, calendar of activities planned for an individual, weather report, bank report, etc.).

Searches for interrelationships between data (such as the impact of weather and traffic on a person’s daily planning work), and automatically presents relevant information to the user (eg. The person expected bad weather and/or Morning messages on her smartphone about traffic delays).

What is the Difference Between Internet And Web?

internet What Is Internet internet and web What is the Difference Between Internet And Web network

internet What Is Internet internet and web What is the Difference Between Internet And Web network

It is easy to get confused between the Internet and the web, but these two are not the same thing.

Internet is a V-network. This wire, only, information exchange between satellites, and computers connected to the network being connected to this network is made up of the rules set to provide is often described as being online. The Internet connects millions of computers, mobiles,system and resources worldwide.

The web is a multimedia interface for resources that are available on the Internet. More than one billion users from almost every country around the world use the Internet and the web every day. what are they doing? The most common users include the following:

  • Communication– Following are the most common uses of the Internet and Web on a large scale- Through this, you can exchange emails with your family and friends almost anywhere in the world. You can join and listen to countless, varied discussions and debates of your preferred subjects.
  • Shopping – Internet application is one of the fastest-growing activities. You can do a window shop, discover the latest fashion. Can bargain and shop.
  •  Searching for information (Secretary) has never been more convenient. You can access the latest local, national and international news directly from some of the world’s largest libraries from your home computer.
  • Education or e-learning is another fast emerging web application. You can participate in almost any subject classes. There are courses just for fun. And their high school, colleges are available for graduation Courses many of which cost nothing and some cost a lot.
  • The Entertainment options in this are almost endless. You can find music, movies, magazines, mobile games and computer games. You will find live concerts, movie reviews, book clubs, and interactive live games on it.

The first step to access the Internet and the Web is to connect through the network to  gain access to the Internet. While browsing the internet, it is very important to have a good antivirus program installed on your computer, so that hackers and viruses do not harm your sensitive information or computer. 

Usage Of Internet

The Internet and the telephone system are both the same — you can connect a computer to the Internet in the same way as you connect a phone to a telephone system. As you go on the Internet, your computer expands, and it starts to look like a giant computer, a computer with branches spread all over the world. When a connection to the Internet is provided. You use a browser program to search the web can do.

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