Interaction of Forces

By | June 7, 2021

Interaction of forces:

We have learned within the example given above that when a car is being pushed and also being pulled at an identical time within the same direction, the resultant force moves the car ahead.
In the above example, one person is pushing the car from the front and another person is pushing the car from the rear. the 2 forces are being applied in a direction opposite to at least one another. the 2 forces interact and therefore the resultant force is zero and there’ll be no motion.

Cow resisting to return forward and therefore the boy is pulling the cow through a rope. the sport of tug-of-war is an excellent example of the interaction of forces and also the resultant force.  Initially, the rope isn’t pulled in any neutralized. At one point of your time in due course, one in every one of the 2 teams is also ready to exert a greater force than the opposite.


The state of motion of an object is:

(a) the speed at which the thing is in motion, and

(b) the direction of the motion.

(c) the state of rest is additionally the state of motion within which the speed is zero.

Gravitational Force or Force of Gravity

All objects are being pulled towards the world. This force is named the force of gravitation, or gravitation or force of gravity.

Gravitation is that the force of attraction engaged on all objects and the least bit times.
The answer to all or any of these is that attractive force (the full force of the earth) brings all the objects down. Weight is truly the pull force on the item from the planet. Gravitation doesn’t need any contact between the item and also the earth. It acts at a distance.

Earlier during this chapter, we’ve learned about “lifting” an object. Now you’ll easily understand that lifting an object is that the use of force against gravitation. Then, the objects being kept on the head and being carried on hands (such as buckets) are all the nonce pulled down by the gravity. to stay on the head or on hands continuous application of muscular force is required.


The spring is stretched and it comes down. Again, place 1 kg weight on the pan. The spring is stretched furthermore. Mark its position on the to all as 1 Newton 100 g weight OR 10 N 1 of 1 kg. Measuring the load of an object Weight is measured by comparing the pull force from the planet on the article employing a spring balance.

By comparison, we are able to say that to stretch the spring to point ‘A’, the force applied is adequate the force from 500 g weight. And, to stretch the spring to point ‘B’, the force being applied is up to the force from 1 kg weight Measuring weight of an object: We make use of a spring scale to live the load of the objects. A balance includes a spring inside. A hook is attached to the current spring which hangs down the body of the balance. the item to be weighed is suspended from the hook and also the weight is indicated on the dimensions.

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