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Force is related to push or pull leading to the motion of a body. We understand that force is employed when:

1. an object is moved from the position of rest Force is being applied to push the saw. Force is being applied to drag the saw.
2. the speed of a moving object is increased;

3. the direction of a moving object is changed; 

4. an object in motion is stopped. Thus, force is applied to push or pull an object. observe the picture:

The motion of the saw will stop when no more force is applied. Thus force is defined as:

Force is additionally applied for lifting an object. Milkman lifts a tin can. he’s applying force to carry the can up. we’ll be studying the force getting used for lifting an object and for holding (keeping) the article up within the later part of this chapter.
Now we are able to say that Push and Pull on an object may be a force. Push and pull also can be termed as throwing, hitting, flicking, licking, picking, lifting, squeezing, pressing, inflating (blowing), or opening and shutting (shutting). 


Force could also be applied to:

1. Change the form of an object;
2. Move an object from the position of the rest                                                                                                    3. change the speed of a moving object

(a) increase its speed;
(b) reduce its speed;
(c) stop its motion.

1. Force is applied to alter the form of an object:

Take a skinny rubber balloon. Blow air into it. Its shape is modified. Tie its nozzle (open end) with a thread. Now press the air-filled balloon. it’s pressed flat. Its shape is modified.

In the playroom, children play with the Pleistocene. They press it and mold it into different shapes to create toys. within the kitchen, a mother makes balls from the dough and rolls them into chapatis. A potter uses force to grant shape to clay and make pots.

What happens to the toothpaste tube when squeezed?

2. Force is applied to maneuver an object from the position of rest: to begin the sport, football is kept within the center of the sector. it’s at rest. The ball is kicked and it moves.

In our everyday life, we use force to maneuver our chairs, bikes, and other objects from the parking. Force is employed to vary the direction of a body in motion: A badminton player strikes the shuttlecock together with his racket to return it to the opposite side. A player of hockey carries the ball in numerous directions along with the sector by striking it with a force from sports implement.

Force is applied to vary the speed of a moving object to:

(a) increase its speed;
(b) reduce its speed;
(c) stop its motion.

A game of cricket could be a superb example to know the appliance of force and therefore the resultant motions. A bowler holds the ball in his hands. The ball is within the position of rest. it’s not in motion. Bowler then bowls the ball.  The ball is ready in motion. The ball is hurled towards the batsman. The batsman hits the ball. The direction of the moving ball is modified. The speed of the bowled ball is increased. The force from the bat hurls the ball towards the boundary. A fielder tries to la) catch the flying ball, or (b) stop the rolling ball from going towards the boundary. He may reach stopping the flying ball by “catching” it or stop the rolling ball or may weigh down the speed of the rolling ball. altogether the case force is getting used.

Force is applied to boost an object to the next level:

Force is applied for lifting and putting the baggage on bus top or during a railway compartment while your last travel. Similarly, force is applied to lift the pitcher and place it on the pinnacle.
Force is applied to stay the raised object in raised position:

A man shown within the picture is shown holding the buckets filled with water and also the pitcher on his head. The buckets on the hands and also the pitcher on the pinnacle are all the present pulled down (towards the planet) because of the attraction of the earth (gravity). Force is all the time applied by the person to stay the buckets and therefore the pitcher in

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