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In nature, new and new kinds of organisms are evolving and at the identical time, many of the old forms are disappearing. This biological evolution (coming of latest forms) and biological extinction (destruction of a number of the old form could be a phenomenon it’s an awfully very slow process even then it makes an unlimited difference in life forms over a protracted period of your time. Adding new kinds of living organisms adds to biodiversity. At the identical time loss of certain old forms is that the degeneration of biodiversity.

The Real Danger to Biodiversity Comes From

(a) Natural disasters,

(b) Human activities.

(a) Natural Disasters leading to the degeneration of biodiversity come from Storms and cyclones are the atmospheric disasters caused by strong winds. Depending upon the speed of the wind and its shape these also are termed hurricanes, typhoons, and tomatoes. Strong winds destroy many plants and animals.

Earthquakes are that the displacement of the rocks below the Earth’s crust which causes the bottom to shake or vibrate. Powerful earthquakes may lead to cracks appearing on the planet during which the plant and animal life within the region may get buried. This ends up destroying many of the species of organisms. Powerful earthquakes along the seacoast may cause huge sea waves called Tsunamis. Tsunamis destroy life forms along the ocean coasts.

Climatic changes, drought, and floods may additionally cause destruction of the many life forms forever thus disturbing biodiversity. Under this debris, many of the life forms disappear from the world forever.

(b) Man-made Disasters are a major consider the degeneration of biodiversity. a number of the human activities listed below have changed the face of the LIFE FORMS’ upon the planet Deforestation has been the primary act of man to possess destroyed much life. forms. we’ve learned that several organisms are supported by forests. Forests being cut and destroyed forever are causing the disappearance of the many plant and animal species from the face of the world every one such human activities have caused a loss of biodiversity. Growth in human population and urbanization has tremendously

Energy consumption and Emissions have been increasing leading to the loss of fuel plants, which could are fodder for the living organisms. forms. These life forms disappeared for want of food.  Pollution thanks to excessive use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and weedicides haven’t only harmed the life on earth but it’s also caused the pollution of groundwater resources which are harmful to even the person himself. This ends up in poisoning biodiversity. Many birds die from eating poisoned seeds and fruits.

Peacocks and vultures are disappearing due to poisoned food.

 this can be true for crop plants and food yielding animals. Other factors like competition for food and survival come within the way of preserving wildlife.  These plants and animals are also food for a few other forms. within the absence of 1 link from organic phenomenon all other animal forms coming after the link disappear or degenerate.

Excessive exploitation of natural resources also leads to the degeneration of certain species. for instance, many medicinal plants and fleshy animals have disappeared within the past. Dodo, a ratite from Mauritius was easily captured and killed for food ruthlessly leading to its total disappearance from the island. it’s no more Dodo today. Mechanization on farms is additionally affecting the population of cattle like horses, mules, asses, ox, and bulls, which were kept by farmers as draught animals. These castles are becoming rare.

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