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What Is multifunction input and output devices

All of you are well known to multifunction input and output devices in your earlier classes but you are not familiar with this concept multifunction input and output devices because it is a new and easy concept. Today we will see in this post what is multifunction input and output devices? (Headset, Multifunction devices, Telephone,… Read More »

Best Scanning Devices and Scanning Tools

In this article, we are going to deal and define scanning devices with scan or scanning devices and scanning tools, types of scanning devices Like an optical scanner, card reader, barcode reader “QR code scanner” etc. Scanning tools convert text and images into a form on which the system can process the unit. There are five… Read More »

Printer and Types of Printer

In this article, we acquire knowledge about printer definition and types of printer like “best printer” inkjet printer laserjet printer. Many companies provide many types of printers like Hp printer, Epson printer, etc in the best price.  While many individuals, schools, and businesses are trying to be paperless, printers remain one of the most commonly… Read More »

What is an input device?,Keyboard And 4 Pointing Devices

What is an Input Device? An data input device is any device that gets data or instruction that’s employed by a computer. they will come directly from you or from other sources whenever you employ a system or computer program, at which era you’re providing input. for instance, after you are employing a data processing… Read More »