Basic Needs of Living Things

By | June 5, 2021

All living things need food. Food gives us energy for work and play, for keeping body warm and for development and advancement. Food additionally keeps us solid. We can’t live without food. The food that we eat contains supplements.

Segments OF FOOD

Our food comprises seven segments of food. These are starches, fats, proteins, nutrients, minerals, dietary filaments, and water. Water is anything but a supplement yet it is an essential component of food. Food wealthy in supplements is named nutritious food.


Starches give us energy. Starch and sugar are the carbs present in our foo Food wealthy in starch incorporates portions, bread, rice, potato, and noodles,

Food wealthy in starch

Sugar comes from cane sugar. Cane sugar is sucrose. other sugars are glucose and fructose present in foods grown from the ground. Milk incorporates a sort of sugar called lactose.

Cellulose could likewise be an extravagant starch present in leafy foods. it isn’t processed in our framework. Cellulose goes about as a filler (roughage).

Test for starch

We test the presence of starch during a very food with the assistance of weakening iodine arrangement A drop of weakening iodine arrangement is put on the food to be tried. Or on the other hand, food is first blended in with water to make its glue or suspension. At that point a drop of weakened iodine arrangement is added to the glue, Starch on retaining Lodine becomes blue-dark in shading.

The adjustment of shade of the food to blue or dark on adding weaken iodine arrangement shows the presence of starch inside the food. This test for starch is named the ‘Starch iodine test’.

Testing diverse food substances for starch Gather following things of food and test them for starch with “starch iodine test” to chase out on the off chance that they contain starch in them Draw a graph posting above things. Compose ‘YES’ against the thing of food that shows the presence of starch after the test. remove others.

Test for sugar

Take a tiny low piece of food material to be tried for the presence of sugar in it. Squash it and set up its suspension in water. Take 1-2 ml of the suspension during a glass test tube. Add 2-3 drops of Benedict’s answer (which is blue in shading) thereto. Warm it on periodic fire. Change in shading from blue to yellow (orange) or red demonstrates this of sugar inside the food under tests and Oils

Fats and oils are energy-giving food varieties. they are a chic wellspring of energy. they supply us twice much energy as starches. Fats come from creature sources. Oils come from plant sources. Milk, margarine, cream, cheddar, and meat are food varieties wealthy in fats. Eatable oil comes from seeds like mustard Garson), soybean, sesame (until), nut (groundnut, moongphali or singhdaana), coconut (narial r gola), sunflower, safflower, and a few nuts. Dry natural products like almond and cashew are wealthy in oil.

Fats stay in the strong structures are soaked fats and oil in fluid-structure at temperature are unsaturated etc. Fats soften into oil on warming.

Test for fats and oils

Take two bits of the new report. Quote, place a drop of oil or margarine. On the elective put a drop of water. Let the papers, dry. Presently hold the papers to light. Notice the distinction/Paper with oil is translucent at where the oil was set. Paper with water seems typical. Cotton seeds additionally yield oil. Cotton seeds are taken care of to mulching (cattle which give us milk), so as that the milk from them is wealthy in fats.

Fats are a vital piece of our food. Fats give energy and furthermore help inside the ingestion of certain dissolvable nutrients in our body. over fat in diet winds up in stoutness.


Proteins are a critical piece of our food. Proteins help in the development and fix of the harmful cells in our body. Food wealthy in proteins are egg, fish, meat, milk, cheddar, and beans. Seeds from the bean which are utilized as heartbeats are a decent wellspring of vegetable proteins. Proteins are an essential piece of food that helps in actuating life capacities in our body.

Regularly, our energy necessities are met via carbs and fats. Now and again, when our body doesn’t get enough carbs and fats, proteins are acclimated give energy and nourishment

Do You Know?

• The hair on your head and consequently the nails on your fingers and toes are unadulterated protein. • Skin, muscles, nails, hair, and platelets in our body are made of proteins.

Proteins as chemicals help in the absorption of food and in performing different body capacities.

Proteins help inside the arrangement of antibodies in our body. These antibodies shield us from germs and sicknesses.

• Cooked Amaranthus seeds (Chula) and chikki produced using it is a specific wellspring of proteins

Our body needs a greater amount of proteins when new tissues are being framed. In this manner, proteins help in the development and early mending of wounds. a child benefiting from starches and fats just experiences protein lack.

To test the presence of protein during a food Material required: Example of food to be tried, a precarious glass test-tube, fire, a dropper one ml sulfate arrangement, 1 ml of hydroxide arrangement, 1 ml fluid and corrosive.

Strategy first Test: Crush the food under test into a slight glue.  Take an assortment of the suspension during an extreme glass test tube and warm it over an incidental fire. try not to carry it to bubble. Cool it. Then, with the assistance of a dropper add two drops of sulfate arrangement so a few drops of sodium hydroxide (acoustic pop) arrangement thereto. On the off chance that the shade of the suspension changes from blue to purple (violet) the food under test contains protein.

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