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The earth is stuffed with life. nobody knows precisely the forms of living organisms existing on the planet. There are innumerable microbes, plants, and animals. it’s estimated that almost 10 to fifteen million species (types) of organisms are there on the planet of which nearly 2 million are discovered, identified, and listed.  additionally, new and new types of organisms are evolving and plenty of old forms are disappearing from time to time. the overall number of life forms (varieties of living organisms) in the world are observed as biodiversity (bio meaning life; diversity meaning variety).

All cats are Felis (genus) with thick fur, pointed teeth, and sharp claws but they can’t interbreed. a cat cannot interbreed with a tiger, leopard, or lion; a tiger cannot interbreed with a house cat, leopard, or lion and then mammal genus includes different species: F domestic, F.tigris, F.leopardus, F.leo. All domestic cats can interbreed, all tigres can interbreed from then on. The group of people who are ready to breed freely among themselves forms a species.


Man has been ready to identify and enlist nearly 2 million species of organisms out of nearly 10 million estimated to be existing in the world. you’ll be able to well imagine how ignorant we are about the range of life. Many of the organisms haven’t been viewed even due to their remote location.  The exact type of life on earth is over and over more than what we may imagine.


These organisms while living in the world are interacting with each other. The interaction between them is especially for survival. we’ve got also learned that “one organism is that the food for another”. Thus each organism is important for the survival and multiplication of another. we’ve got also learned about the “FOOD CHAIN”. organic phenomenon may be a linked system of organisms, and every organism is vital for the following to take care of the continuity of life. Ultimately, the complete bio-system may be a life network for humanity.

Important Questions:-

1. What has been the matter in identifying all organisms present on the earth?
2. what’s the importance of biodiversity?
3. What does one understand by “food chain”?
4. what’s the importance of a link in an exceedingly food chain?


 Forests are a nice abode for WILDLIFE. Wildlife includes all types of life, both plants animals. Wild plants are also microbes, algae, fungi, liverworts (bryophytes), ferns, conifers, and flowering plants, Wild plants vary from minute forms (1) mm in size) to lofty trees (going up to the peak of quite 50 m). Thus, every possible type of plant is preserved in the forest. Similarly, animals of every kind live comfortably within the forests. The animals and Forests could also be microbes, worms, insects, frogs, fish, birds, and mammals (herbivores and carnivores). you recognize well that plants and animals are interdependent. Forest is that the place where both, plants and animals raise biodiversity.

Inaccessible places are the places outside the reach of man. Such places could also be high hills, deep seas, or ravines covered with dense forests and wildlife. Life at such places isn’t disturbed by man and natural evolution or extinction of life forms goes on at such places. This helps with the preservation of biodiversity.

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