What is an input device?,Keyboard And 4 Pointing Devices

By | August 22, 2020

In this post, we will come to know about what is an input device ,(input device) examples and a full explanation, keyboard, categories of the keyboard, pointing devices(Mouse, Touch screen, Game controllers, stylus etc).

What is an Input Device?

An input device is any device that gets data or instruction that is used by a computer. They may come directly from you or from other sources whenever you use a system or application program, at which time you are providing input. For example, when you are using a word processing program, you enter data as numbers and letters and give commands such as save and print documents. You can enter data and issue commands by pointing to the item or using your voice. Other sources of input include images scanned or taken by the camera.

Input devices are hardware used to translate words, numbers, sounds, images, and gestures that people perceive as forms. In the system, the unit can process them. For example, when using a word processing program, you usually use a keyboard to enter a text and a mouse to issue commands. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, there is a wide variety of other input devices available. These involve pointing, scanning, image capturing, and audio input devices.

Keyboard Entry

One of the most common ways to input data is to enter data via the keyboard. As mentioned in Chapter 5, the keyboard converts numbers, letters, and special characters perceived by people into electrical signals. These signals are sent to the system unit, which processes them. Most keyboards use an arrangement of keys called QWERTY. This name refers to that keyboard layout. In which the first six letters of the alphabet found on the top line of the keys displaying the letters have been taken.


what is an input device, input device examples, keyboard for laptop, Virtual keyboard, Pointing devices

A wide variety of keyboard designs are available. They are available in full-size to small form and can also be virtual (virtual).

Categories Of  The Keyboard

what is an input device, input device examples, keyboard for laptop, Virtual keyboard, Pointing devices

There are four basic categories of keyboards. Traditional, Laptop, Virtual and Thumb.

1.Traditional keyboards — these full-size keyboards are widely used on desktops and large computers. Standard American traditional keyboards have 101 keys. Some traditional keyboards also include some extra special keys. For example Windows keyboards that also include a Windows key to access the Start menu directly.

Traditional keyboards allow function keys, navigation keys, and a numeric keypad. Some keys, similarly the caps lock key, are toggle keys. These links move or stop a feature. Other keys, such as a control key, are a combination key that performs some specific functions when used in combination with another key.

2.Laptop keyboards – These keyboards are smaller than traditional keyboards and are widely used on computers. The exact location and number of keys here can vary between different manufactures, while laptop keyboards usually have fewer keys. They do not include a numeric keypad and do not have a standard place for function and navigation keys.

3. Virtual keyboard-In keyboards are mainly used with mobile devices and tablets. Unlike other keyboards, virtual keyboards do not have a physical keyboard. Rather, the keys are usually displayed on a screen and their image on the screen. They are selected by touching.

4.Thumb keyboards – These keyboards are used on smartphones and other small mobile devices. They are mainly designed for communicating through texting and connecting to the web, these keyboards are very small.

Pointing devices

what is an input device, input device examples, keyboard for laptop, Virtual keyboard, Pointing devices

Pointing is one of the most natural gestures of all human gestures. Pointing devices provide an intuitive interface with the system unit by accepting physical movements or gestures, such as a finger gesture or moving across a screen and converting these activities into machine-readable inputs. There is a wide variety of pointing devices, including a mouse, touch screen, game controller, and stylus.


A mouse controls a pointer, which is displayed on the monitor. The mouse pointer usually presents in the shape of an arrow. It often varies in size. However, it depends on the application. A mouse may have one, two, or multiple buttons that are used to select command options and to control the mouse pointer on the monitor.

Some icons have a wheeled button, which can be used to scroll over the display on the monitor. Although many different designs are seen, the optical mouse is still the most widely used. It emits and detects light to detect the mouse’s movements. Traditionally, detected activities are communicated to the system unit via a cord. Alternatively, a cordless or wireless mouse system uses radio waves or infrared light waves to communicate with the unit.

In these devices, the mouse cord is removed. Which can use a lot of desk space? Like the mouse, a touchpad is used to control and select the mouse pointer. However, unlike a mouse, a touchpad is implemented by moving or patting your finger on the surface of the foot. These devices are widely used in place of the mouse in laptops and some types of mobile devices.

Touch screen:

A touch screen allows users to select tasks or commands by touching the screen with the device corresponding to a finger or pen. The multi-touch screen can be touched with more than one finger, which allows the description of graphical objects on the screen with your hand or pinched by your fingers and stepping them in and out. Multi-touch screens are commonly used with tablets and smartphones, as well as some laptop computers and desktop monitors.

Game Controllers

Game controllers are devices that provide input for computer games. While the glass and traditional mouse can be used as controllers, the four most popular and specialized games have by sticks, gaming mises, gamepads, and motion compression devices.

In the joystick, the user controls the game operation by changing the mercy, its speed and direction on the control stick. ,
Gaming mises is similar to traditional icons but have higher precision, faster-receiving response, program buttons, and better genomics.

The gamepad is designed to be held with both hands and to provide a wide array of inputs including speed, rotation, stopping, and firing.
Motion-sensing devices control the game through user activities. For example, Microsoft’s Kinectic motion sensor device accepts user activities and spoken commands to control the game on the Xbox 360.


Stylus is a device such as a pen, commonly used with tablets and mobile devices. The stylus uses DAVA to underline the images on the screen. Often, a stylus exchanges information with the computer through handwriting recognition software. The handwriting recognition software converts handwritten notes into the form in which system units can process them.

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