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By | August 22, 2020

In this article, we acquire knowledge about printer definition and types of printer like “best printer” inkjet printer laserjet printer. Many companies provide many types of printers like Hp printer, Epson printer, etc in the best price. 

While many individuals, schools, and businesses are trying to be paperless, printers remain one of the most commonly used output devices. You will probably use a printer to do homework, make photographs, and print web pages. The printer translates the information that has been processed by the system unit and presents that information 1. on top of the paper. The printer‘s output is often called a hard copy.



types of printer

There are many different types of printers. However, almost all of them include some basic features including resolution color capability, speed, memory, and duplex printing.

  • The resolution of a printer is the same as the resolution of the monitor. This is a measure of the clarity of the produced images. By the way, the printer’s resolution is measured in dpi (dots per inch). Most privately used printers are designed to average 1200 times 4,800 dpi. 
  • The ability to color is provided by most printers today. The user usually has the option to print either with just black ink or with colors. Since printing in colors is more expensive, most users choose black ink for letters, drafts, and homework.
  • The most common black ink selected is grayscale, in which images are displayed using multiple shades of gray. More selective colors are used for the final report containing graphics and photographs.
  • Speed ​​is measured in the number of print pages per minute. Typically, printers take 15 to 19 pages per minute for average single color (black) output for personal use, and 13 to 15 pages per minute for color production.
  • The memory inside a printer is used for storing printing instructions and documents waiting to print. The more memory you have, the faster you will be able to print large documents.
  • Duplex printing allows automatic printing on both pages of paper. Although it is not currently a standard feature for all printers, it is likely to be standard in the future to prevent paper waste and to protect the environment.

Inkjet Printer



Inkjet printers spray ink on the paper surface at high speed. This process produces high-quality images of various colors, which are ideal for printing photographs. Inkjet printers are relatively inexpensive and are the most widely used printer. Furthermore, they are reliable and do not make any sound. The most expensive aspect of inkjet printers is the replacement of ink cartridges. For this reason, most users specify black ink for printing and use more expensive color prints for select applications. Typical inkjet printers output only 15 to 19 black and 13 to 15 color pages a minute.

Laser Printer

laserjet printer

laserjet printer

The laser printer uses a technology that is used in a photocopy machine. The laser printer uses a laser light beam to produce images with excellent letter and graphics quality. These are more expensive than inkjet printers, laser printers work faster and are used in applications requiring high-quality output.

There are two categories of laser printers. Private laser printers are less expensive and are used by a single user. They can usually print 15 to 17 pages a minute. Shared laser printers are typically used by a group of users (more), more expensive, and color-supporting. A shared laser printer can usually print out more than 50 pages in a minute.

3D Printer



3D printers, also known as additive manufacturing, create a three-dimensional shape by adding a very thin layer after another layer of material until the material is completely finalized.  There are various processes and different varieties of materials that can be used to make each layer. The most common type is sprayed with plastic or plastic-like fluid from a nozzle like an inkjet printer.

3D printers are controlled by data describing the size of the object to be manufactured. This data usually comes from a file created by scanning a physical model using a 3D modeling program or a 3D scanner. This data is then taken by the special program and they further process to create data describing hundreds or thousands of horizon layers, when placed one on top of the other, they form the expected object size.

The printer then uses this data by extracting or cutting the first layer with very precise specifications. Serial layers are then made and attached to the layer below it until the final product is ready. These layers are so thin and so precise that they mix with each other, and form a final product, In which there are no signs of individual layers. Commercial 3D printers have been used for decades. However, their cost has limited them to specialized manufacturing and research applications. However, recently their costs have fallen to $ 200, making them available for personal use.

Other Printers

  • There are many other types of printers. These printers include cloud printers, thermal printers, and plotters: Cloud printers, thermal printers, and plotters Cloud printers are printers that connect to the Internet, providing printing services for others on the Internet.
  •  Once a user activates a printer using Google Chrome OS, users can use that printer anywhere with a smartphone or any other type of computer that is connected to the Internet. For example, you can send a document to print to a printer located in your home or school from almost anywhere using a smartphone.
  • Thermal printers create images on heat-sensitive paper using hot elements. These printers are widely used for print receipts at ATMs and petrol pumps.
  • Plotters are special-purpose printers for the production of a wide range of special products. Using output from graphics tablets and other graphic input devices, plotters create maps, drawings, and drawings of architecture and engineering. Plotters are commonly used by graphic artist engineers and architects to print designs, drawings and drawings.

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