Best Concepts Of Magnet

By | August 20, 2020

What is a magnet?

Any material that has the property of attracting magnetic metals thereto like iron, cobalt, and nickel has named a magnet

Shapes of Magnet

Magnet force field magnetism magnetic attraction properties of a magnet

Magnets are of many shapes. they’ll be cylindrical bar magnets, rectangular bar magnets, horseshoe or U-shaped magnets, or ring magnets. the form and size of a magnet are designed looking at where it’s to be used.

At times you would possibly have played with a magnet or a magnetic toy. If you’ve got a magnet then you’ll be able to move it within the soil around. The magnet picks up some dark particles from the soil on its two free ends. Examine these particles and also the material of which they’re made. you’ll find them to be particles of iron.

Magnetic Force And Magnetic Poles

Magnet field of force magnetism properties of a magnet

The force that a magnet exerts on iron or magnetic material is termed an attractive force. A magnet can attract an iron nail from a distance. Thus, an attractive force acts even when there’s no contact between the magnet and therefore the magnetic substance. It acts from a distance.

Magnetic poles or the poles of a magnet are the 2 free ends of a magnet or a horseshoe magnet. The pull force called (attraction) from a magnet is maximum from these two poles. the opposite parts of a magnet don’t exert an attractive force. magnetism is minimum towards the center of a magnet.

Properties of Magnet

Magnet flux magnetism magnetic attraction properties of a magnet

William Gilbert was the primary person to check about magnets and their properties. He had also written a book titled “The Magnet”.
(1) Poles of Magnet. A magnet has there are two poles-North poles and the South Pole. It attracts iron filings on each pole. 

(2) Directional Property of Magnet. The poles of a magnet rest in a very particular direction when suspended by a thread. pole of the magnet faces the South Pole and the South Pole of the magnet faces the North Pole of the planet.

 (3) Unlike poles attract one another whereas like poles repel one another

Attraction. Opposite poles of magnets attract one another. If the pole of a magnet is taken near the South Pole of another magnet, it attracts it and clings. it’s called attraction.

Repulsion. Like poles of two magnets depart or repel one another. it’s called repulsion. like N-Or S-Spotless.

Artificial Magnet

Magnet field of force magnetism magnetic attraction properties of a magnet

Natural magnets don’t seem to be found everywhere and that they have low magnetic power as compare to artificial magnets. So, artificial magnets are prepared by man.
 These magnets have stronger magnetic power. they’re of much use at any time and at any place. They exist in many alternative shapes like the Nar magnet. U-shaped magnet, cylindrical magnet, dumble-shaped magnet, etc.

When a pin is brought near a magnet, it’s attracted towards it and sticks to that. If another pin is now brought near the primary pin, it’ll stick towards the opposite pin. It implies that the primary pin is magnetized. But as soon as its gets touch with the magnet is broken then Its magnetic property will disappear, it gets magnetized temporarily.

Temporary magnets. They develop the magnetic property for some time once they are in-tuned with a magnet. If they lose contact, they behave like a standard material. they’re weak magnets.

Permanent magnets. The materials that retain the magnetic property for long even after removal from a magnet are called permanent magnets. they’re used as a magnet and may make a brief magnet once they are rubbed on iron material. they’re strong magnets.

The Earth may be a Big Magnet

Magnet field of force magnetism attractive force properties of a magnet

The earth pulls every object towards it. the planet acts sort of a big magnet. The imaginary magnet inside the world is believed to be lying within the direction of geographic north and geographic south, in an exceedingly little inclined position. A magnet suspended freely through a thread or a needle in an exceedingly compass involves lie at rest within the direction North-South only. it’s assumed that the Earth’s magnet has its the South Pole towards geographic north. Since unlike poles of two magnets attract each other, the suspended magnet seeks its direction from the earth’s magnet.

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